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The New Normal

  • April 10, 2020

The New Normal is in full swing!

Many of you haven’t heard from us in while so let me give you a quick update on what has been happening at JB Fitness UK HQ.

So firstly, we’ve closed our physical locations in Highbury 😢😢

​But this DOESN’T mean that we have sat back & stopped.

Like many of you & your work places, we’ve been busy over the past 3-4 weeks adapting to our new reality.​

And we’ve been able to transition all of our services online 🙌🏾

​We’ve taken our full timetable of small group personal training sessions online via live zoom sessions and it’s been AMAZING.

Plus we’ve created a fantastic library of home workouts exclusive to our members.

Best of all, we still get to see, coach and connect with all of our members whilst helping to keep our community mentally & physically healthy in these unprecedented times!

In fact, our physical and mental health is more important than ever as both of these factors only increase our immunity❗️❗️

So, how have you found the social distancing adjustments that we’ve all been forced to make over the last 3 weeks?

Have you struggled without your usual structure or are you thriving without your daily commute?

When the social distancing mandate is lifted and we all emerge from our homes, we’re going to notice that many of us will have sacrificed our health & fitness in this stressful time. 

And it’s hard to blame them. 

Because fitness is hard. 

It’s hard when life is normal, let alone when the world is on lockdown causing our stress to steadily rise and tempting us to turn to comfort food. 

Every day we have choices to make, and these choices take us closer to a healthy and fit body or further from a healthy and fit body. 

Exercise or NO Exercise?

Make time for YOU!

Lace up your trainers and take a long walk/run run or do a body weight workout.

Try this 2-4 times each week for 30-45 minutes. 

Let’s try our best to keep active and avoid being too sedentary!

The less that we use our muscles, the more aches, pains and mobility limitations we’ll experience, especially in our lower backs.

Oh, and if we’re consuming more calories than our natural metabolism burns then our clothes will get smaller/tighter HAHA. 


Food can both taste good and be good for our bodies.

Try some new healthy & tasty recipes in this time.

Aim to have lots of protein, VEGGIES and fibre in each meal. 

Let’s eat foods that will keep our energy levels high.

​But don’t beat yourself up if you have your favourite treat either.

Just because we’re stuck at home right now doesn’t mean that we we can’t make the best choices for us, our families and our future. 

Concentrate on consistency, motivation and health (body & mind). 

Most of all, we’re here to help. 

You can do this!

Speak soon,

Coach JB & Team JB Fit UK – Your Personal Trainers in Highbury

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