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Ruth Success Story

  • September 14, 2021

Listen To How Ruth dropped 2 dress sizes & lost TWO stone, became stronger & found a routine that fitted around her lifestyle.. Being a busy worker in central London with an active social

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4 Myths about weight training!!

  • July 6, 2021

Most of us have been told some popular myths about lifting weights, and it’s holding us back from so many benefits!  The truth is that strength training is one of the absolute best things

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Feels Good, doesn’t it..

  • March 9, 2021

Hey, It feels good, doesn’t it? There is incredible power in your daily habits.  Your habits quite literally mold our body, our health and our accomplishments in life.  And

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5 steps for success in a pandemic

  • November 5, 2020

​Hey, How are you? Lockdown 2.0 is here❗️❗️ Yesterday, we delivered our last in person sessions until December and we have pivoted our whole timetable back online

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We’re back INSIDE!!

  • October 6, 2020

It’s been a super wet last couple of days which probably meant many of us were tucked away in the warmth of our homes. With that in mind, many of you who had been seeing us in the Christ Church

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The BEST way to get FIT..

  • September 28, 2020

Hey,​ What is The BEST way to get fit..? Talk to 10 people and you’ll get 10 different opinions on the best way to get fit. One will tell you to attend an aerobics class.  Another

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Plank Your Way To Success

  • September 10, 2020

Hey people, We’re back with a great video from Coach Paige Here she takes you through 4 plank variations to help strengthen your core, reduce back pain and some up your workouts. Watch below

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Have You Gained Lockdown Pounds?!

  • August 18, 2020

Hey, It’s been another great start to week here at JB Fit HQ (online and in person)😃 ​So a couple of quick questions… Have you gained some pounds during lockdown?  Did

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Silver linings, time & common ground

  • May 6, 2020

Hey, How are you?​ Where on earth has the month gone?! Is it me or has April flown by so quickly. We’ve just completed our first calendar month of lockdown and whilst there have been

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The New Normal

  • April 10, 2020

The New Normal is in full swing! Many of you haven’t heard from us in while so let me give you a quick update on what has been happening at JB Fitness UK HQ. So firstly, we’ve closed

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