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Comebacks & Belief

  • May 17, 2019


How are you?

Over the last month, we’ve seen some amazing comebacks in the world of sport.

It all started with Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods is one of the most recognisable faces in the world of sport and one of the most successful golfers in history.

Despite his success, he’d had a torrid last 5 years both professionally and personally which culminated in most pundits writing him off as finished, washed up and past it.

With injury after injury, controversy after controversy, his career seemed over, destined to end on a whimper.

And then BANG!

He won his first Major for 11 years to put him within reach of being the most successful golfer in history.

Thus proving almost everybody wrong!

His belief that he could comeback drove him though the darkest of days..

And then last week, we saw two of the most unexpected comebacks in recent football history.

Liverpool managed to beat the mighty Barcelona & Leo Messi 4-0, having lost their previous game 3-0, to progress to the Champions league final.

Next we saw Tottenham complete a rousing comeback from losing 3-0 to score 3 goals in 45 minutes and progress to their first ever champions league final.

All of these feats were near impossible.

Which brings us back to you and your health and fitness.

Sometimes, being healthy, being in control. having a routine and achieving results can feel almost impossible.

Maybe you’ve given up on yourself?

Maybe you think it’s too late?

Maybe you’ve told yourself that your beyond help?

Well if any of the above sounds like you, I want you to know that it’s NOT too late!

In fact it’s never too late.

Even when it feels impossible, humans beings have an extraordinary ability to mount the most unlikely of comebacks.

So I just want you to know that the only thing that separates us and other special people on this earth is the belief that you can do it.

Have a great week and believe that you can.

Coach JB


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