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The Best Way To Avoid Going To The GP

  • June 9, 2016

Doctors In a Hospital

Our doctor can feel like a broken record. 

That’s right— They’re sick and tired of telling us how important exercise is to our health because WE DON’T LISTEN.  

They’re sick of explaining how so many of our health problems will improve or even disappear as the result of a consistent exercise programme.  

They’re tired of tallying our controllable risk factors that include physical inactivity and obesity.  

So why do they continue to give us the same lectures? 

Because they’ve seen exercise change lives.  

He’s even seen exercise save lives.  

1. Feel Great: The first thing that patients tell their doctor after starting an exercise program is how much better they feel. People don’t realise how bad they feel. They get used to feeling bad. Then when they start exercising they feel so much better.  

Your energy levels boost and you feel great. 

2. Pain Be Gone: Next patients notice a reduction in aches and pains. Chronic muscle and joint pain that they’ve lived with for years begins to fade. For some, joint replacement surgery is postponed. For others, arthritis pain is reduced.  

Your muscles and joints feel better than ever. 

3. Goodbye Coronary Heart Disease: While patients can’t feel this healing benefit of exercise, it is the one that saves lives. Exercise removes two of the major risk factors that lead to heart disease: 1) physical inactivity and 2) obesity. Exercise also increases your good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers your blood pressure. 

Your risk of heart attack or stroke is reduced. 

4. Goodbye Type 2 Diabetes: Patients with type 2 diabetes gain substantial benefits from exercise. Exercise improves the body’s use of insulin, and the related weight loss improves insulin sensitivity. Of course patients with type 2 diabetes need to get guidelines from their doctor before starting an exercise programme.  

Your blood sugar levels are better controlled. 

5. Goodbye Sleep Apnoea: Patients with sleep apnoea are often caught in a destructive cycle. Their weight promotes occurrences of apnoea then inadequate sleep promotes weight gain.  

With all of these benefits it’s hard to see why anyone would avoid exercise. What’s your excuse?

  • I know you’re tired…exercise gives you energy.
  • I know you’re in pain…exercise alleviates your muscle and joint pain.
  • I know you’d rather stay in bed…exercise makes your sleep more restful.v
  • I know you’re pressed for time…exercise improves your efficiency and extends your life.
  • I know you don’t know where to start…that’s where I come in.

Then the next time you see your doctor, They’ll congratulate you on your progress.

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