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This 30 Day Personal Training Project Consists of Three Pillars


We meet, coach, guide and keep you accountable every week to guarantee we achieve your small goals every week until you reach your entire goal and solidify it with new, healthy habits and the lifestyle you desire.

Resistance Training

We engage you in circuit based training sessions with little to no equipment to push your body to get toned, lean and healthy fast. Ps this will NOT make you bulky!

Nutrition Program

We customise a powerfully individualised nutrition program via our nutrition app for you to maximise your energy level and build a beautiful & toned physique and elevate you to a higher level of health and confidence.

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I have not worked out in a while, will I survive the workouts?

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Josie Lost 12 inches with JB Fitness UK


Kate Lost over 15 inches in 4 Months

Tracey lost 10kgs


Viola lost 11kgs

from £220

FIT, TONED & CONFIDENT, 1:1 Personal Training,


  • 4-8 Fat Burning Small Group Personal Training Sessions worth £260-280/month
  • Each Training Session is between you & your coach. No distractions, no embarrassment and undivided attention from your coach.
  • Individualised Nutrition Programming worth £139/month
  • Unlimited Email & Phone Support Worth £200
  • Increased Energy Levels = Priceless
  • Compliments from friends = Priceless
  • Increased Confidence = Priceless
  • Location: Your Home!


Your Discount Breaks Down to LESS than £60 per week

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