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Fit, Toned & Confident - 30 Day Experience


If You Knew Exactly What You Steps You Needed To Take, Starting Today, To Reach Your Health Goals?

At JB Fitness UK, we understand the endless struggle.. You have work, there's the commute, time for your family & friends, day-to-day chores and other commitments which often leaves ZERO time for YOU!!

My name is James Bramwell and I help women from Highbury & Islington to reclaim their energy levels, and create confident bodies whilst fitting around their busy schedules!

I want you to know that improving your health and fitness is 100% your decision... And we have a solution that is simpler than you might think.

In order to attain success in any area of your life, you need to have a proven plan and strategy.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is starting a workout or diet without creating a Personal Fitness Success Plan first.

Would you agree that having a road map to follow would greatly improve and almost guarantee your chances of accomplishing your goals?

The first step in your Personal Fitness Success Plan is Our 30 Day Experience.

This 30 Day Experience Consists of Three Pillars


We meet, coach, guide and keep you accountable every week to guarantee we achieve your small goals every week until you reach your entire goal and solidify it with new, healthy habits and the lifestyle you desire.

Weight Training

We engage you in circuit based weight training sessions to push your body to get toned, lean and healthy fast. Ps weights will NOT make you bulky!

Nutrition Program

We customise a powerfully individualized nutrition program for you to maximize your energy level and build a beautiful toned physique and elevate you to a higher level of health and confidence.

**Be our next Transformation Success Story**

FAq's -

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I have not worked out in a while, will I survive the workouts?

Do I have to workout on the same day each week?

Are we the same as a class?

Where are the sessions located?

I’m excited but at the same time nervous about joining... should I be?

Ruth Lost 2 Stone

Josie Lost 12 inches with 

No more bingo wings


Kate Lost over 15 inches in 

Tracey Lost 10kgs

Viola lost 11kgs



  • 8 Fat Burning Small Group Personal Training Sessions worth £260-280/month
  • Each Training Session is Limited to 6 people per coach
  • Individualised Nutrition Programming worth £75/month
  • Unlimited Email & Phone Support Worth £200
  • Increased Energy Levels = Priceless
  • Compliments from friends = Priceless
  • Increased Confidence = Priceless
  • In Person Sessions Take Place on Monday - Friday (6.30, 7.15am, 8am, 915am & 10am) In person plus Saturday at 8am, 845am, 930am & 1015am PLUS Monday, Wednesday & Thursday evening at 6pm, 645pm & 730pm
  • Location: 15 Highbury Place, N5 1QP. 


Your Discount Breaks Down to LESS than £50 per week


With abundant energy and nutrition, you'll be able to eliminate that bloated feeling and tap into your own bodies fat burning potential.

With a stronger body, you'll feel decades younger and your muscles will look and feel toned.

And once you've built momentum, reaching your goals becomes easy!


 If you're 100% serious about attaining optimal health and fitness, then let's get you started with your 30 Day Experience.

Let's make your first step the right step!