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Lunch Breaks & Your Health

  • July 18, 2022


So, Working from home.

This is one of the many things that were once an exception but have now become the norm since covid 19 and lockdowns entered our life.

Now, whilst there is a split amongst the population with regards to the merits of working from home or in the office, there is one aspect of working from home which has negatively effected many people…


​WFH has led to many of us to be even more sedentary, often not leaving the house for consecutive days whilst the boundaries between work & home become increasingly blurred.

The morning commute has been replaced by extra hours at your desk. 

​This could mean that you work more but move around less.

And this results in less calories burned & your joints becoming unhappy.

So my tip for this week, is to have an actual lunch break when working from home.

Change your scenery and go for a walk.

Perhaps you could incorporate a “walking” meeting where you’re able to work whilst keeping active.

Walking is absolutely one of the BEST ways to burn calories, maintain or lose weight & to increase your mental alertness, energy & positive mood.

​It’s crazy how many benefits we can gain from walking regularly.

So next week, let’s see how often you can walk during your working day.

From your personal trainer in Highbury,

Coach JB

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