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Have you ever struggled with lower back pain?

  • August 13, 2019

Have you ever struggled with lower back pain?

Maybe your back feels super stiff first thing in the morning?

Or do you struggle to do your shoe laces or pick up the kids?

Well Coach JB is here with 3 exercises to improve your lower back pain.

1️⃣ Hip Press – Often referred to as a glute bridge, this exercise is great for activating your glutes whilst strengthening your core and your back.

2️⃣ Deadbug – This is one of our favourite core exercises. It’s fantastic as it’s get your core working without flexing your back, it’s great for core control and acts as a great stretch for your hips too. This exercise will alps see your stiff lower back loosen right up!

3️⃣ Bird-Dog/Superman – This again is one of our favourites. This exercise is certainly harder than it looks. Extending your opposite arm and leg at the same time whilst keeping in control is no mean feat. Again, this will help to both strengthen and loosen your lower back in equal measure.

Try each exercise for 12 reps and do them 3 times through.

I’m sure this will help with any lower back pain.

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