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Have You Ever Felt Like This?

  • March 29, 2019


So recently, I was speaking with one of our successful members and she remarked that she used to go to her local gym more frequently than she currently does with us, yet her results were WORSE when in the gym.

She would nervously hurry into the gym, afraid to make eye contact with anyone. 

Look around at all of the “buff” regulars who seemed to know what they were doing, needing help but afraid to ask.

She would then proceed to do a routine that would look something like this:

* 10 minutes on the treadmill, get bored.

* 10 minutes on the cross trainer, get bored.

*10 minutes on the rowing machine, get bored.

Avoid the weights like the plague and then go home!

She would feel helpless, uninspired, frustrated & stuck with no personal touch and no guidance.

She then proceeded to say how JB Fitness UK is exactly the OPPOSITE!

A wonderfully friendly and welcoming community.​

A place where she feels important and knows that she matters.​

Personalised guidance and help plus all of the tools that she needs to succeed.

Varied workouts and routines.​

All of the nutrition guidance she needed.

Plus a focussed 45 minute workout that gives you the results that you can gain in a typical 90 minute workout, in half the time.

If you can relate to any of the above, reach out via our contact us form.

Have an amazing day.

To your success,

Coach James

P.S If you’re wondering who the member was, she wrote a testimonial here:

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