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Do You Have Insurance ?

  • February 15, 2018


My wife works in media insurance and her role is all about ensuring films and TV shows have policies in place to make sure that they are properly protected against the multitude of pitfalls that can occur in the entertainment industry.

With the amount of money that there is in film and TV, advising broadcasters, film companies and studios how to protect their assets is important and big business.

However, this got me thinking about you and your NO.1 asset.

?​Firstly, what is our No.1 asset? What is the most valuable thing that you have??​


It’s YOU!

Yes, YOU are your biggest and most important asset.

So what are you doing to insure and protect yourself?

How do you make sure that your most valuable asset is not only working at it’s optimum but that it’s protected against the comings and goings of life?

Well I believe one of the best ways you can insure your No.1 asset is by making your mental and physical health a priority.

Think about all of the important people in your life and how much they appreciate when your happy and ​healthy?

How much more effective are you at home and at work when you feel energised and able to tackle your day?

Well I believe that best and most important insurance policy that you can take out is your health & fitness routine.

A rewarding routine which releases all of the feel-good chemicals that help you to feel good about yourself and those around you.

An environment that allows you to feel empowered, supported and encouraged.

A system which challenges your body to become stronger, leaner and healthier.

All of the above is what our programmes are about.

So if you wanted to insure your No.1 asset, feel great and be at your best for your loved ones, reach out and we’ll give you all the tools to succeed.

To your success,

Coach James & Team JB Fitness UK

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