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Are You Too Successful To Be Healthy?

  • July 7, 2016

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If you’re reading this blog post, it’s likely that you are currently very successful in one or more areas of your life.

Whether that be your career, your family or your personal life, success is something that comes rather naturally to you.

However, when it comes to your health, it can often be a different story.

For some reason, the success you have in all the other areas of your life isn’t quite overlapping with your health and fitness.

And the main reason why is because of your success! 

Yes! You read that correctly.

I hear you asking, how can this be? 

Well there are two huge factors that can make you too successful to be healthy.

No.1 is The Need To Avoid Failure.

When we get used to being successful, this can make us risk-averse in situations where we feel like the chance of failure is greater than the chance of success. 

Success can cause us to stay away from instances where we don’t feel confident or in control.

Success often makes us desire situations where winning is the likely outcome. 

So we avoid anything where failure is an perceived option.

No.2 is The Cost

The cost of success in our professional lives often comes at a great cost.

Sacrifice is necessary for success. 100%.

However, professional success in London often comes at the cost of our health.

Our environment put’s such an emphasis on professional and monetary goals that our health get’s put the bottom of the pile until it’s too late.

Does this sound familiar?

Now we’ve created a solution that will help individuals like you are who are “too successful to be healthy.”

We are dedicated to helping you to achieve the most important type of success in your life, your health!

We have a tried and tested formula that will not only guarantee your success with regards to your health but our program will actually help to improve your productivity, mood, energy and effectiveness in every single area of your life.

If you want our blueprint to success, click this link and we’d love to help.

To your overwhelming success,

James Bramwell, Founder & Head Coach, JB Fitness UK

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