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7 Excuses That Prevent Weight Loss

  • September 23, 2015

Woman pinching fat from her waistHave you ever wondered how some people are able to maintain amazing bodies while you struggle with your weight? 

They make it seem so easy to achieve and maintain results. What do they know that you don’t? When you boil it down, the answer is quite simple. 

The missing link between you and your ideal body is your go-to list of excuses. 

Start with an excuse and expect to be excused from losing weight. Here are seven excuses that have ensured dieters will fail in their weight-loss attempts before they ever get started. 

Excuse #1: I’ve Always Been Overweight 

Here’s a little secret: feeling sorry for yourself will not help you lose weight. Quite the contrary. Whining and crying that you’ve never been thin can actually work against you, as you start to see yourself as stuck being overweight. Do that long enough and all you can see in your future is an overweight you. If you’re going to really cut your weight, you’ve got to be able to envision a lighter you. 

Excuse #2: I Worked Out, So I Can Eat Whatever 

Working out often makes you hungry. That’s a good thing. You just burned a bunch of calories and your body is looking to make up for them. However, just because you burned a few hundred calories doesn’t mean you get to indulge in any and every food you see. And you certainly can’t eat as much as you want. 

Excuse #3: I Don’t Have Time to Exercise 

Spend a few days documenting how you use your time. Write down each and every thing you do and how long you do it for. You’ll soon notice how much time you throw in the trash by mindlessly surfing your favorite social media sites and watching television. Transform those times into workout opportunities and toss the time excuse in the trash. 

Excuse #4: Exercise Hurts 

Some folks are in pain the day after they work out. If this is you and you find yourself feeling like you just rode a horse for three days straight after a workout, the reason is likely that you only hit the gym once a week or every two or three weeks. To get over that uncomfortable soreness after every workout, you’re going to have to go at it at least three times a week. Yes, you’ll still get sore on occasion, but it’ll be an accomplished sore. 

Excuse #5: I Love Junk Food 

This may seem a hurdle too large to overcome, but if you’re willing to fight for your weight loss, it can be done. To convince yourself that healthy food doesn’t have to be disgusting, spend more time with health-conscious friends who cook and live healthily. Eat what they eat. You’ll be amazed at the wide range of flavours to savour on a healthy diet. 

Excuse #6: It’s No Fun Doing It Alone 

Then stop trying to diet alone! Grab your healthiest friends and surround yourself with them. When you’re tempted to go off track with your diet or want to skip a workout, call or text your friends for immediate support. They’ll prop you up, remind you of your goals, and encourage you to stay the course. 

Excuse #7: My Body Is Delicate 

First off, before you start an exercise routine, it’s a good idea to run the idea by your physician. However, unless you have an incredibly rare condition, exercises done with proper technique and eating healthily will not put you at risk for anything but improved health. As soon as you accept the fact that your body can handle much more than you’ve put it through, the sooner you’ll begin enjoying the gym and make better use of your body. 

Exercise is a huge part of the equation when it comes to achieving weight loss. 

I am passionate about seeing my clients achieve results—without wasting time, energy and effort on mistakes. 

Call or email me today. I’d love to get you on the exercise programme that will change your body and your life for the better.

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